The reset

Resets can be inspirational, a chance to start over as your better self, learning incrementally from what happened and trying again to keep a system running, with any luck better this time. Resets can be a reminder of utter failure and miscalculation, a sign that something was so wrong that shutting it down and starting from scratch was the only option.
When you start again, it's never from the same place - you have been changed, life has changed, so even when you turn your head forward to where you are going, it is always with a twinge of sadness, incredulity, regret, or a million other feelings, that you see what is ahead of you. You must rediscover yourself, recover yourself, from what you were to what you have become. You re-engage with your lightness and the love of your company and mourn the loss of the person you were before you summoned the blackness with a finger held on the power button.