Ben is 15


15! Wow.

I was looking at you today across the table at the Chinese restaurant and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. You emerged 15 years ago, and life has been so much more interesting ever since.

This was the year that you GREW! Holy moly did you ever grow - up, up, up, like a fairy tale beanstalk you climbed. You are now taller than me and everyone remarks on your sudden spurt and realises that you are no longer a little boy. Your voice is deepening, your skin is acne'd, and you have entered into the gangly phase of in-between - not a boy, but not yet a man. It must be a strange place to be.

On the inside you are still your boy-self - You are now completely engrossed in Japanese power rangers and The Simpsons, you continue to love Lego, but spend tons of time on your phone watching videos or reading graphic novels. Some days you are moody, especially if we have been reminding you about your chores and your homework, but you are for the most part a pretty happy guy.

And you are still warm and loving and always willing to help others, and your compassion shines bright in this world. Life is not perfect, but your heart is always in the right place.

I love you so much my not-so-little Boo.

All my heart,