For my daughter, who this weekend was hurt by a group of mean and crappy girls:

When a person doesn't think about you, it's generally because they do not think much of themselves. They are so caught up in their bubble of insecurity - wanting to be popular and liked by certain people, with no real idea of who they are, too scared to be themselves for fear that they are not worthy of belonging and being loved in this world.

But you, my amazing daughter, know who you are, and you have the maturity and integrity, and bravery to stand out in the world. You know that you are enough, and that you are loved by people who matter and who will always be there for you.

The parents of those other girls envy me - they take one look at you and the beauty and awesomeness that you exude inside and out, and their kids can't even compare.

There are many inconsiderate and unkind people in the world, and I am so proud that you made the choice not to be one. You are the best.