After watching a beautiful cellist-pianist duet, a year ago

I was coming home on the metro from the concert, a beautiful evening with Jean-Guihen Queyras and Alexander Melnikov  and thinking.

I realised that what I had just seen tonight is what I want. I want a collaboration between two strong, dedicated, talented people who understand one another, who listen, who are attuned to the needs and rhythms and pace of the other and practise to create something beautiful that gives them both joy. A partnership that requires hard work and humour and love of themselves as individuals so they can both bring the best of what they are and all their failings together without judgement because there is no blame in a partnership and no ego, when one person makes a mistake the other changes step and you both keep playing because the music isn't over and stumbles make the piece a little more unique and it's selfless, when you play this way you eventually become one.

That's what I want.