Naomi is 13!



Naomi, what a year you have had! You finished elementary school and took the top honour and a big trophy as well as being a prefect, winning a story-telling competition, acting as the queen of hearts, and getting accepted to Royal Vale. You passed your piano exams, skated, spent the summer at camp and hanging with grandma, and we even managed to spend a week in Toronto visiting your new little cousin JJ and checking out the Banksy exhibit.

High school has been a big change, and French immersion has been challenging, but you are gaining ground day by day. In addition, you are also involved in the student committee and taking fencing classes and learning how to sign! All this and taking on your second instrument, the clarinet. You have been picking it up quickly, and it sounds great!

You have become a young woman, with a style and beauty that is all your own. And now you are officially a teenager.

People tell me how hard raising teenagers can be, and certainly there are times when we do not see eye to eye, but I look forward to every year and seeing you grow and mature into such an amazing, accomplished person, so strong and full of life and as funny as hell, you crack me up girl :-)

You still have that life-loving light that streams out of you and steadfastly embraces your imagination and ability to be your own unique self. I'm so proud that you know who you are and do not care what people think. You are ahead of your years.

What will the next year have in store for you? I cannot wait to find out.

You teach me so much, I cannot believe I get to parent such a fabulous girl :-)

All my love and awe,