My darling Benny, you are 12! You are growing up and you want to be treated like a young man. There are things that you tell me are too babyish for you now. This past year you worked hard and made it through grade 5. Homework was not always successful, but you tried and we were proud of your effort. Secondary 3 is not easy and poses new challenges. You and your classmates went on a class trip and you were nervous but in the end you had a great time. You were selected to present your story of Goldilocks and the three flies at the storytelling competition and you did wonderfully. You played piano for the talent show and were in a hip-hop dance show. We wish you had more close friends, but you are afraid of putting yourself in the action, even when others invite you. You did the Terry Fox run with me again and we did 12km! Karate continues and you are now an orange belt, and you passed your second year of piano exams and are now start some improvisation which you are enjoying.
Your sister continues to be your best friend and comfort zone, although she does annoy you a bit more with her bossiness. You are the peacemaker, and when she is sad and dramatic you are quick to take her side and try to make her happy. Unless she has destroyed your lego, and then you just want her out of your room.
 I see you guys sitting on the couch together reading a book and talking or making up a show with action figures and stuffed animals and I am always in awe of your closeness. Sometimes you are sitting on the floor together and doing different things and your legs are linked, or you are using eachother as pillows and I think how lucky it is that you have one another. You share so much and will always have the memories of your games and stories.
This year you started to understand what you want and you stood up for yourself and became more determined. You still become very upset when you think you have disappointed your family or your teachers, but now you are pushing back. You care deeply about others and you want people to be fair and treat others with kindness. And you are a funny guy. This year you mad eme laugh more times than I can count at your little jokes and surprises. You see the humour in this world and that's a fantastic skill to have.
You are still the person that I try to be. Your grace and forgiveness and open heart are truly inspring. I cannot imagine my life without you and your sister. You are a bright light that guides me. You make me a better person in this world.
I love you with all my heart Benny-boo, forever.