Naomi is ten!

Naomi, you are ten! Ten! Double digits! How is it even possible when it was just yesterday that you announced your imminent arrival out of my very large body while I was in the shower and showed up two and a half hours later? You are my little Halloween pumpkin, my treat, my goblin, my kitten, my freight train, my adorable, determined, passionate, sensitive little girl.

This has been a very action-packed year for you. You made it to orange belt in karate before deciding to take a break and give figure skating a try. You took up baseball and before long you were knocking the adult pitchers off their feet and rounding the bases like a pro. Our summer was filled with biking and hiking and swimming and some kayaking, and you ran 10k for Terry Fox in the fall. You had a rocky year of school, but this year is much better and you are already getting great marks and studying your hardest in grade 4, as well as doing chess and drama. Your piano is also coming along so well as you master more complicated pieces.
You started a dog walking business over the summer. You came up with the idea, drew your own posters and put them up, and so far you have one regular client. Your initiative is amazing to me and I'm thrilled to see you so happy with every dollar you save up. A few weeks ago you paid for yogurt day for you and your brother when I forgot, and you were so proud to do it.
You are getting older and we have had discussions about friendships and boys and art and the world. I am hoping that you will be able to learn from your disappointments and setbacks and see more of the positive experiences, but that is a work in progress

More than anything, your sense of loyalty and your convictions of what is right and your ability to stand up for what you believe are my favourite strengths among your many. You have such courage my darling, and so much heart.
And you continue to be the best sister and Ben's very best friend. I cannot believe what you bring out in him and the joy and wonder we all have for you. I love you with all my heart and cannot wait to see what awaits you this year.
All my love,