Ben, you are 11 today, and I know I say this every year, but I cannot believe where the time has gone and how much you have grown up.
If I could sum up this year in two words it would be: Dr Who. You are crazy about the Doctor, you read about him, watch the show, make Legos of the Tardis and draw all of the characters. You know that the fourth doctor is my favorite, so you made me a Lego of him and other characters from the show. I am always amazed by your creativity and ability to build and draw whatever is in your mind.
You had a good school year and got caught up and ready to take on grade 5 next year, your reading and math have improved and your attitude is getting better. You would love to spend all of your time playing, but when I remind you that Lego engineers have to do well at school, you try your best.
Another big development is that you now have a best friend besides your sister. It is so wonderful to see you making a friend and wanting to hang out with someone besides me and your dad and your sister.
Karate is progressing and you achieved another belt and participated in some competitions. We changed piano teachers and you are doing so well and performing at concerts with ease and your own showmanship.
Your number one friend is still your sister and you continue to be the most patient and loving brother in the world. You would give her your most precious possessions to make her happy. You also know how to stand up for yourself, so there is a tad more shouting in the house.
This morning, you followed me down to the basement when I was doing some laundry and wrote "I love you Momma" on a post-it and stuck it to the washing machine, "So when you are down here you will see it and make you happy". You are always doing thoughtful things like that, just because that's who you are.
My little boy, you are still the kindest and gentlest soul that I know, I truly know no one else as good and perfectly selfless as you. I am always humbled by your wonderful heart. You teach me something every day and I hope you know how much I love you and delight in your smile and joy of every tiny thing in your life. I want every day to be the best day ever, always.
All my love,