Naomi, you are 9!

My little kitten, today you are 9 and our whirlwind life has come back to the day that you were born. You knew exactly what you wanted then and that has not changed. You are still the most amazing girl I know.
You are getting older and long to be more grown up, but still play and sing and make up games for you and your brother and your friends. You know your own mind, and you stick up for people and for what you think is right and I am so proud of you for that. It does get you in trouble, but that's ok with me. You have a knack for finding the people in your groups who need you the most and you help them. I hope that never changes. You have a best friend, but your closest friend is still your brother, who you constantly bring out of himself. Thank you.
You get smarter, funnier, more creative, and more beautiful every year. I cannot wait to see what this year has in store.
And despite your independence, you are still Momma's girl, ready for a snuggle anytime.
My pumpkin, my brilliant little light, my Nomi-noo, I love you so.
Love and all my heart,